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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know that the course is suitable for me?

Call our safety expert via 0966.449.449 or email

What is a paid course about?

You will have to purchase a paid course to study. In the paid course, you are supported by our tutors and experts.

What is a free course about?

For free courses, students do not need to pay to take the course.

Do I get course materials for this free course?

Yes. Students are provided with course materials free of charge. Contact us

Do I get support from Tutors for free courses?

No, at the moment

What will I do if I want to get a certification after the course?

Pay a course fee and we will issue a certificate for you. The value of the certificate is the same as a paid course. Contact us

What are your courses accreditation?

Our courses are currently approved by several international organizations with World recognized Board of World.

  • Board of World Certified Safety Professionals (BWCSP)
  • Board of Certified Occupational Safety Professionals (BCOSP)
  • Asian Occupational Safety and Health Academy (AOSHA)
  • Asian Society of Safety and Health Professionals (ASSHP)
  • International Board of Environmental Health and Safety (IBOEHS) 

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